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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Above and Beyond Discount Code Offer !

Buzzard has teamed up with the award winning online retailer Above and Beyond to bring you a very special offer!

This great retailer has won the Great Outdoor Award 2013 for online retailer of the year, and now with Buzzard Bushcraft we can offer you an even more enticing incentive to place your order with these guys!
Craig and his team of outdoor enthusiasts has offered the Buzzard Bushcraft readership a whopping 12% off the RRP of any product on their website!!!

Although some products already have a 5% or more discount, using the special Buzzard code will bring this up to 12% !!
Place a big order and this could end up saving you a bundle.

How it works... Contact us here at Buzzard Bushcraft at the email address at the top of  the page just beneath our header and we will send the Discount code back to you by email..Then simply go to the Above and Beyond website and place your order using the code and the discount will be taken from your total!
Brilliant, eh?

This is only available through Buzzard Bushcraft in conjunction with Above and Beyond..

check out their website here

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Introducing ROBwithaB.

We were contacted recently by some friends in South Africa and asked to share some of Rob's videos with you. I must admit they are a little quirky, but at a time when I see Bushcrafters and Survivalists taking themselves all too seriously it's nice to watch a video that's informative but leaves you smiling at the end of it.

Remember, our passion is about learning but it should also be enjoyable, nothing wrong with Laughing while Learning!!
Check out some of his other videos too, he's sure to put a smile on your face!

(The video doesn't appear on some mobile devices, so here's a link to it direct on youtube )

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lord Farquhar Firesteel

I recently got a firesteel on BCUK from Mozzy, who goes by the username Lord Farquhar on a number of bushie/knife's a few pics and a quick trial of the steel

as you can see it's a big steel and I have largish hands taking a size 9/10 in gloves so this is a biggish lump of metal easily taking all four fingers

and in hand, as I say, quite large and feels a little unwieldy because of the size, an inch or so smaller may have fitted a three finger grip more easily

and how does it spark? Well quite decently, not as ferocious as some I have in my collection but it throws decent enough sparks to light char cloth and as you can see here, some amadou.

It was made of water quenched O1 steel and does a decent enough job.
I know Mozzy usually makes Knife blades (I have a few myself) and this maybe a departure for him, but it works well and I'm sure we'll see a few more from his stable soon.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Lauri 120 Blade Hawthorn Handle Knife

Got the knife making bug again so thought I'd make one with another Lauri blade, I used a piece of Hawthorn that I cut myself and let dry for the handle.

all the bits ready to go, the hawthorn has had the outer bark stripped but the cambium layer left on to prevent it drying out too fast indoors, it can be prone to splitting.

the hole was drilled then sawed out to make it wide enough to accept the tang of the blade

all the bits assembled and glued, the brass end cap placed then peened to prevent it coming loose

you can see the end cap better in this shot

ok, obviously a step on! All sanded down and handle shaped and blade rubbed to give a satin finish.. you can see how creamy white hawthorn tends to be.

and with it's new set of clothes!

and a buzzard Logo..

Hawthorn is a fairy wood and is said to possess great powers, Talismans were often made from this wood and given to a loved one to protect them when they were apart from each other, it keeps the memory of your lover always close to mind and protects them from harm, it's also a wood that attracts the attention of the little people so it's best to always ask before taking the wood in the first place!
So if anyone ever gives you a token made from hawthorn, treasure it, it's got power.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

New Dual Survival Host.. Matt Graham

For those of you who don't already know Matt Graham is the new host of Dual Survival after Cody was let go. This new guy is the same one you may have seen in Dude you're Screwed or Survive That if you're in the UK.
He's renowned as an athlete and has a proven record in primitive skills and wilderness living skills with his forte being the Atlatl.

I've already seen a few of his DS shows and to be honest I'm yet to be convinced, he seems a decent guy , he comes across as very laid back and easy going, very nature aware and Gaia orientated.. a stark contrast to the bumbling idiot that is Teti.. 
In my opinion I think DS has run it's course and needs to be scrapped, we should be getting more excited about the TV program Dave Canterbury is making and producing himself and which will be airing on his you tube channel soon..

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Making Amadou with Salt Peter

It's an old way of preparing amadou by using salt peter (potassium nitrate) and it can be made using rotten vegetable matter, urine and wood ashes, but it's much easier and more convenient to use ready made KNO3

First find your source of Amadou, horses hoof fungus is in short supply in my part of the world so I use Artists Conk, it's every bit as good as any other fungus.

get it off the tree , take off the pores and outer layer just to leave the trama (amadou) layer

once cut off you will need to dry it properly until it is totally dry, this is imperative

to make your salt peter solution you will need 30g of salt peter to 1 litre of boiling water.. this is my recipe and I find it perfect but you may want to alter this to suit your own needs

pour your boiling water into a stainless or glass container and add the 30g of salt peter.. you DO NOT NEED TO BOIL THE AMADOU!!!
I often hear people say you need to boil the amadou for hours and hours, it's not necessary at all.
Add in your dry amadou and allow it to soak up the solution, this only takes a few hours but you can leave it over night to be sure..

once it's very nearly dry, pound it with a stick to break up the fibers in the amadou and tease them out a little bit

once you've done that you can see they look like dark rabbit fur, it's really gorgeous looking!

last think to do is test it.. a flake of jasper and a steel and this piece took on the first strike and burned beautifully!

As a point of interest it's often Said that Prometheus brought fire from the Gods, but study of the ancient Greek texts actually say that he brought the method of catching the sparks from which he could create fire.. so maybe Prometheus himself actually used amadou to bring us the element of Fire!!

Sunday, 22 June 2014


Not to be confused with Red Valerian or the white subspecies of Red Valerian!

This is one plant that a lot of people will have heard of because of it's medicinal properties, often used as a sedative and relaxant.
It has also been used with good effect on migraines and in general pain relief.

Generally it's the dried root of the plant that is the most effective and is often sold in pharmacies already in tablet form so there's no real need to uproot the plant yourself.

It's often said it's best to dig the plant in spring before the flower forms, but you can also do it in autumn when the plant dies back as long as you're sure you've got the right plant!!
Dry the root and use in a tea, just small amounts until you find what works for you.. It's got a very distinctive smell, I don't mind it but others might!
It has also been suggested that the Pied Piper used Valerian to lure away the rats!!
It's gets its name from a 3rd Century Roman Emperor.. Valerius.